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Second District: Weber County Index to Civil Actions Online


Created by the Second District Court in Weber County to record the names of the parties involved in civil actions and provide assigned case numbers, the Index to Civil Actions is now online. Volumes in the series alternate listings on each page, with the left page listing entries by surname of the plaintiff and the right page by surname of the defendant. Specific information recorded for each case includes the docket number (case number) as well as the corresponding register of action book.

The index is useful for finding case files from the Second District from the territorial period up to about 1970.

Territorial Militia Card Index Online

A card from the Territorial militia records index.
A card from the Territorial militia records index.

The Utah Territorial Militia Records document the administration and activities of various segments of the territorial militia, also known as the Nauvoo Legion. They were brought together by archives staff in the late 1950s and early 1960s in an effort to collect all documents about Utah veterans from any source and to serve as a state repository for those documents.

The Military Records Center acquired the documents from the late 1950s into the early 1960s, rearranging and grouping them by document type, date, and/or military district. Indexes were prepared for most of the correspondence, but plans to index all documents were never completed. These card indexes were later microfilmed and provided one of the primary ways to access these records, even with partial coverage. That microfilm has now been digitized and posted online with full text searching of the typed name information.

Territorial Executive Papers Online

The organic act passed by the U.S. Congress on September 9, 1850 created an office of territorial secretary with three major functions:

(1) To record and preserve all laws and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly (2) To record all acts and proceedings of the Governor in his executive department (3) To provide copies of these official acts to specific federal officials

The EXECUTIVE PAPERS are really part of a larger record keeping system maintained by the Executive Department of the territorial government. Most of the individual documents filed in the series are those that were sent to the Governor or the Secretary requesting or supporting some official action; copies of the actual pardon, appointment notice, requisition, or other “official act”; or copies of documents which reflect actions taken directly by the Governor, such as messages to the Territorial Assembly and proclamations.

Territorial Secretary

Territorial Third District Case File Index Online

The territorial CASE INDEX for the Third District Court is now online. It records the names of plaintiffs and defendants involved in court actions and provides assigned case numbers, facilitating clerical management of and access to the case files. Civil cases span the entire period (1871-1896). Criminal cases were indexed in this series from 1871 to 1882, when a separate filing arrangement for criminal case files was implemented.

The index is useful for finding case files from the Third District up until 1896, which traditionally has included Salt Lake County.

Third District