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SLC School Children’s Constitution and Flag Monument Books Now Available Online


Just in time for back to school season, the Utah State Archives is pleased to make available a fascinating collection of student-created records through our online Digital Archives. These 1932-1952 school children’s Constitution and Flag Monument books were compiled by the Salt Lake City School District to document and commemorate the erection of the School Children’s Constitution and Flag Monument on the west side of Washington Square (in front of the Salt Lake City and County Building). The monument was completed in 1937 and included a flag pole with a sculpture of two children with the United States Constitution standing at the base, and one of the children pointing up toward the flag. School children donated money to fund the monument and local children acted as models for the sculpture.

In 1936 each school in the city compiled a list of students and what occupation each aspired to when they grew up. These lists were sealed in a time capsule in the monument when it was dedicated in 1937. The books in this series were compiled after the time capsule was opened in 1952. They include copies of newspaper articles about the erection of the monument and photographs of the dedication in 1937 and the opening of the time capsule in 1952. They also contain documentation of efforts to erect a flag pole not only at the City and County Building, but at each school in the district as well.

Soundex Birth Index Online

Even with indexes to Utah birth certificates, there is an additional research tool for births recorded before 1934. That is when as part of a Works Progress Administration project all birth certificates in Utah since 1904 were indexed and published in several volumes. Specialists in vital statistics still use these books as an aid to locating a birth record. Arrangement is by Soundex code number. Within an individual code number, volumes are indexed by the father’s first given name. The information includes the child’s name, the mother’s maiden name, the child’s sex and birth date, the county of birth, the file number, the cross index name, and the father’s name.

This collection provides online access to the first four volumes for 1904-1914. The birth certificates from these years are now public.


More Salt Lake City Tax Assessment Books Online

Tax Assessment book from Salt Lake City. The "duplicate" is an entirely handwritten copy of the year's assessment.
Tax Assessment book from Salt Lake City. The “duplicate” is an entirely handwritten copy of the year’s assessment.

Additional books for Salt Lake City tax assessment from 1879 to 1892, after which this function moved to county offices, are now online. These volumes record the assessment of real and personal property Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. They were used for taxing purposes. Individual city assessors assessed and collected property taxes within municipal boundaries, often recording the details such as the number of horses owned.

Previously, books from 1856 to 1878 were digitized by FamilySearch.

If you are interested in volunteering to help complete a name index of these books, please contact Gina Strack.

Territorial Militia Card Index Online

A card from the Territorial militia records index.
A card from the Territorial militia records index.

The Utah Territorial Militia Records document the administration and activities of various segments of the territorial militia, also known as the Nauvoo Legion. They were brought together by archives staff in the late 1950s and early 1960s in an effort to collect all documents about Utah veterans from any source and to serve as a state repository for those documents.

The Military Records Center acquired the documents from the late 1950s into the early 1960s, rearranging and grouping them by document type, date, and/or military district. Indexes were prepared for most of the correspondence, but plans to index all documents were never completed. These card indexes were later microfilmed and provided one of the primary ways to access these records, even with partial coverage. That microfilm has now been digitized and posted online with full text searching of the typed name information.

Death Certificates for 1965 Indexed by Name

1965 death certificate books 150ppiResearchers may now search for death certificates by name for 1965. Thanks to our volunteers and staff, one may look for a death record by name, date, or county.

The death certificate collection was first released online in December 2006, covering 1904-1956 through a partnership with FamilySearch.  Since then, the Utah State Archives has added more years when they become public 50 years after the date of death. This may be done initially with browsing by county and date, similar to traditional research on microfilm. The final goal is always to be able to search by name and retrieve for free a digital copy of the death certificate record. The Archives updates the index continually based on comments and suggestions from users, ensuring that it is complete and accurate.

Top Baby Names in Utah 1909 Edition

Birth certificates issued by the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics in 1909 are now online and freely available to the public. The searchable index and digital images may be accessed from

And that means it’s time to see the most popular baby names that were given in 1909 (see 1905, 1906, 1907, and 1908).

All girl names with larger sizes for most popular.


  1. Mary
  2. Ruth
  3. Helen
  4. Alice
  5. Dorothy
  6. Florence
  7. Margaret
  8. Edna
  9. Ethel
  10. Grace
All boy names with larger sizes for most popular.


  1. William
  2. John
  3. James
  4. George
  5. Joseph
  6. Charles
  7. Harold
  8. Robert
  9. Thomas
  10. Clarence

1909 Birth Certificates Available in Online Name Index

Manfred Martin Murray, born March 29, 1909.

Birth certificates issued by the Utah Office of Vital Records and Statistics in 1909 are now online and freely available to the public. The searchable index and digital images may be accessed from the Utah Birth Certificate Index. As all birth certificates at least 100 years old are public, browse 1910-1915 online.

In addition to identity and proof of citizenship, the registration of births assists with monitoring public health issues and the programs created to alleviate them. The original permanent records were transferred from Vital Records to the Utah State Archives and Records Service in 2006, prompted by the Inspection of Vital Records Act passed in 1998 making historical records public. The name index is a collaborative effort of the staff of Vital Records,  volunteers and staff of the State Archives, and includes the child’s full name, parents’ full names, date of birth, sex and county.

The Utah State Digital Archives provides over a million images of historical records online and free to the public, including death certificates from 1904-1961. With worldwide online access, patrons have the ability to do research from anywhere while the State Archives efficiently fulfills its mission “to provide quality access to public information.”

Browse Birth Certificates Online: 1915

81443055056_0062Birth certificate images for 1915 are now online at Although they are not indexed by name yet, if one knows the birth date and county it should not be difficult to locate the correct folder and browse through a few images for the time being. Free saving and printing of images is available.

Would you like to help index birth certificates? Or other records? Join our team of volunteers for a rewarding experience handling, describing, or making accessible original records from throughout Utah’s history. Read more about our Volunteer Program.

Salt Lake City Firemen Photos Now Online

We are happy to announce that the oldest known photographs from the Salt Lake City Fire Department have been digitized and are now available online through our Digital Archives!

Unidentified Boy in Fire Fighter Uniform (series 23526).

These photographs, found in series 23526, provide early documentation of the fire department and the first professional fire fighters employed in Utah. Between 1852 and 1883 fire protection service in Salt Lake City was conducted on a voluntary basis. In 1883 the Salt Lake City Council established a full-time, paid fire department, after a particularly damaging fire occurred in downtown Salt Lake City on June 21, 1883. These photographs help document the history of the Salt Lake City Fire Department as a vital unit of local government.

Records for Joe Hill Online

Joseph Hillstrom a.k.a. Joe Hill
Joseph Hillstrom a.k.a. Joe Hill

In anticipation of the 100-year anniversary of the trial and execution of the labor icon Joe Hill in Utah, the Utah State Archives has posted online over four thousand images of records concerning the international controversy and publicity generated at that time (

Born in 1879 in Gavle, Sweden, Joseph Hillstrom (also known as Joe Hill) immigrated to the United States and worked in a variety of jobs including laborer, miner, lumberman, and longshoreman. He joined the Industrial Workers of the World (I.W.W.) where he became a renowned singer and songwriter of the early 20th century labor movement.

In 1913 Joe Hill came to Utah to work in the mines in Park City. On January 10th, 1914 a murder was committed in Salt Lake City that resulted in the deaths of grocery store owner John Morrison and his son. The same night, Joe Hill appeared at the office of a doctor with a gunshot wound to the chest. Suspicion fell on Hill based on the gunshot wound and circumstantial evidence brought to trial.

Hill was convicted of the murders and his execution was scheduled for late 1915. The trial engendered international debate over Hill’s conviction and whether his activity as a labor organizer had made him a target of political and business interests. But while the execution was delayed, the conviction was not overturned, and Hill was executed by firing squad at the Utah State Prison in Sugar House on November 19, 1915.

The records now online include case records, petitions, and correspondence from the office of Governor William Spry, the prisoner pardon application case file for Joe Hill, and a copy of his death certificate in full color.