Birth and Death Research Guides Updated

Research Guides related to finding birth and death records for Utah both historical and current have been updated, including confirmed contact information and records availability.

On a related note, the Utah State Archives is currently finalizing free online access to birth certificates from 1905.

2 thoughts on “Birth and Death Research Guides Updated

  1. I have researched two ancestors in Utah (Provo) whose dates are incorrect in your system. Owen Cole was born in 1799, not 1824. He died in 1888 in Provo. Susan Ann Cole Davis was born in 1827. She is Owen’s daughter, so obviously, he wasn’t three years old when she was born. Susan Ann died January 4, 1891, in Provo, not 1943 as your records show. I can send information, and photos of their graves to show this. Thanks!

    Liane Harding

  2. Liane,

    It appears you have confused us with Utah State History’s Cemetery and Burial Database. Their data is directly from the cemetery so you should work directly with that cemetery to correct information.

    The Utah Death Index of certificates begins in 1904 and reflects records created by the Department of Health, Vital Records as explained in the research guides linked in this post.

    If you need further help, please contact the Research Center directly.

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